Monday, November 26, 2012

No Buy Blues--Giveaway?

Been on a no buy for let's think...2 days? Haha. Anyway this is already so hard. My brain keeps going back to China Glaze, Essie, Opi, Xoxonails, nailsauce, and more. But hey, if I don't break it that will be a plus! Right?

Anyway, speaking of no buys, I'm having a small...giveaway on my Instagram account (shhh! It's a secret!) Prize is a holiday collection polish from China Glaze, Essie, Orly, or Finger Paints. Go find the picture on my Instagram with the super cute snow man and read the instructions. Maybe you'll win a polish! (It ends tonight, November 26, 2012 at 10:00 pm mountain time)

More giveaway crap is I'm going to be having three flash giveaways on my Instagram in December. I won't be telling when the flash giveaways will start on my instagram but on here, oh, you'll know. Every giveaway, contest, important news, you'll get the inside scoop here. More reason to pay attention to a blog, eh? (Did anyone else read that with a Canadian acccent? Do Canadians have accents? I need to meet a Canadian...)

Now back to the no buys...because I have a skippy mind. I will post on the bottom of each of my blog posts with how many days I've kept the no buy. I think if I'm able to keep it for two months I'll have a giveaway/contest on my Instagram. Hmm....maybe so....


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet Emily

Because this is a new place for me to explore and for you guys to read (doesn't that sound interesting? Haha) You get to know a little about me. Yay! (Why am I the only one cheering?)

So my name is Emily, lover of pets, ice cream, and, of course, nail polish. I have A LOT of siblings. Probably more than I can count. But I only have one blood sister, that would be Mackenzie. All the others are from my dad's first marriage, the one he is in, or my mom's second marriage. Crazy life, huh?

As I said, I love pets. I have my own cat, Dr. Spoons (Yes, he is a doctor--he's a french doctor) and my family owns two more cats, Oreo (My sister's cat. Most annyoing cat in the world. And she's got long hair...) and my mother's cat, Tink, who is 17. Haha funny story, when I was younger I had cut off her whiskers because I wanted to be a cat groomer. Little did I know that would hurt her. Later that week she got hit by a she has a bald spot and is blind in one eye.

We used to have a dog, Sadie, but we put her down at the end of the summer (great way to end the school year, right?). She was a golden but her back legs weren't working. And because we live in such a snowy state she wouldn't have made it through the winter. R.I.P. Sadie.

I love ice cream.  Best thing that was made. Favorite flavor you ask? Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, or Vanilla with chocolate syrup. (For some one who doesn't like chocolate that's a lot of chocolate!) Have you guys ever tried Fars Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? Best ice cream ever. Whenever I can buy it, I do. And it's usually gone within a day or two.

Another thing I love is nail polish (would this blog exisit if I didn't?) I got into the whole nail polish thing when my sister left for girls camp in the summer. I used one of Cutepolish's (on YouTube) videos on how to make paint splattered nails. When my sister got home I showed her my nails and she asked me if they were stickers. NOPE! (Gotta admit, my nail art skills were very...very...bad back then.) But of course, that wasn't my first time doing nail art. Saw a video at midnight one night and did it (but that's another story, we'll save it for later.)

Anyway I have over 150 nail polishes...some I don't even use anymore and sit in a grocery bag in the back corner of my room. The ones I do use are the most expensive (duh!) and newest. The ones I don't are from forever ago. Before I got addicted. They are still good though! No harm in that!

Some little random facts about me are: I have OCD, I love board games (they have to be really good though, or they are worthless to me), I wear earrings EVERY DAY (normally don't take them out till I go to bed), I have naturally blonde hair and I have blue eyes, I have small feet and hands, I normally use mint shampoo and conditioner, and I love zebras. I sleep with a pillow pet (It's a giraffe...his name is Humphry), my favorite TV shows would have to be Vampire Diares, Glee, Once Upon A Time, and Pretty Little Liars.

I wear contacts (I have horrible vision. my eyes change normally every six months) and I do believe that unicorns exisit...nah, that was a fib. I live in Utah but I have no idea how to ski or snowboard, I would actually prefer to ice skate, I always wear jeans, I love to bake and cook (hate the cleaning part though) I h8 wen ppl right like dis cuz it bugz the fuzz outta meh, I have straight A's, plan on going to Africa and Aussie Land (Australia) to study exotic animals and possibly become a Veterinarian.

Well I think that's it...and you are all probably tired of reading haha.



Hey girls! I plan on launching this blog here soon. I will be posting tutorials, nail pics, advice, and more.

Hope to see you all here again soon!