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Hey girls! So I know one of you will probably ask a way to contact me, simple. Use the ways below! Doesn't matter what you want to talk about (nails, blogging, Instagram, swaps, etc.) just shoot me a message and I'd love to talk!
Instagram: BlueEmster

Kik: BlueEmster


Please, please, please do not use my photos without giving me proper credit. I work so hard on everything that I do that I do not like it when people claim my nails as their own or do not give me proper credit. I do know that this sounds silly but once it is yours, it is always yours. An example I like to use is: You just had a son and a random lady comes up to you, takes your son out of your arms, and names him Bob. She knows that 'Bob' is not her son but claims that he is. So you get it? The mother would be very upset! So don't steal babies...or my photos.

If you make your own nail polish (indie polish makers, fraken polish makers) and would like some one to review your polish I would be more than happy to help. Please contact me for we can talk details and figure out everything.

Thanks! Emily

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  1. Is there a way for me to follow you on here with my blog? (I'm still kinda new at blogspot...)