Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hey guys! Been gone from my blog forever! You girls don't know the feeling of not having a blog, it's painful. So to get back into the spirt I will be doing some of Carolyn's (@whimsicalcolor on Instagram, go check her out!) nail polish swatching...things. I just lost my train of thought. Well darn. Anyway, I have all of her LIMITED EDITION polishes that she released for fall, winter (Christmas), new years, and Halloween! How fun! They will be up on the blog shortly. That is, if I can figure it all out. So be on the lookout for that as of they are GORGEOUS polishes. I wish you all could go buy them but they are already gone. But still worth doing a blog post about them, right? As for my giveaways...I forgot to do them on here. AGAIN! The last one is going on now on my Instagram account (@blueemster) if you want to check it out. Rules are simple and the prize is a $20 nail polish shopping spree on me. Hope to see you all enter! Emily

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