Sunday, January 6, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer Halloween Collection

Hey guys! Today I have the Liquid Sky Lacquer Halloween Collection! To go to Caroly's, the maker of Liquid Sky Lacquer, website click HERE.
The first polish out of this limited edition Halloween collection is Zombie Brains. Zombie brains is a pink-purple jelly base with iridescent small circle glitter and fine blue glitter. The polish was a little thick and hard to apply. But even though it was difficult to apply the magic happened when you went in the dark. It glows! I wasn't able to capture the glow because of my camera but it does glow. It doesn't glow as much as the other ones in this collection, though. Below is three coats of Zombie Brains.
This next one is Monster Juices. Monster Juices is a pink base with large sheer pink hexagons, iridescent bar glitter, pink fine glitter, and iridescent small circle glitter. This one is the medium glow. Still beautiful, though. I think this would make the perfect background for a Valentine's day nail art design. Anyway, below is two coats of Monster Juices.
The final one out of this collection, and also my favorite, is Witches Brew. Witches Brew has black, orange, and iridescent fine glitter in a light grey jelly base. After the second coat it like of gets the jelly sandwich look which is amazing. (I love jelly sandwich glitter!) It was super easy to apply. This one is the glow-y-est of them all but unfortunately I wasn't able to capture it. Below is two coats of Witches Brew.
Overall I think this collection is wonderful. I love it all! To go check out the shop for Liquid Sky Lacquer click HERE. All of her polishes are amazing and you need to go buy one...or some!

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